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 User Sharing Site


VirchUshare is a nonprofit website; created for the sole purpose of giving users the ability to share their ideas, hobbies, literature, media, artistic skills, and more with a community. We want people to share their talents and let their potential shine, no matter how big or small it may be.


Founders: M.E.R.255, virtualboy2558
Programmer: M.E.R.255
Writer: virtualboy2558
Contributers: M.E.R.255, virtualboy2558, sinoj961, Randomaniac
Site's Background

Date of creation

November 20th, 2015

Date of completion

Ask Doc Brown

Reasons of creation

The Internet is home to an abundance of websites with much to offer; however, some individuals of this community felt that they required something more personal.

Staff members such as virtualboy2558 and M.E.R.255, as well as several contributers, felt that downloadable sites, such as forums, weren't suited for their needs and difficult to adjust.

Behind the name

At the time, our founders were considering the name uShare to be fitting. The u stood for "user(s)", while Share stood for just that; however, the domain name was widely used and unaffordable at the time.

virtualboy2558 suggested that the fictional character name "Virchu" could be added to provide a mascot and image for the site, plus seemed fitting due to its mouse-cat appearance; being relatable with users that use a computer mouse or enjoy watching cat videos. The name, when taken apart, also means "virtual chu" or "virtual chuchu" as in "virtual mouse" which also seemed fitting for the site.

The domain extension .com was chosen for being widely popular, and easy to memorize; not for it being commonly said to be the abbreviation of commercial.

Why Nonprofit?

Many sites are focused on the user's experience, but commonly require a sort of payment to either finance their site, staff, or to make their company grow.

We here at VirchUshare believe that financial support, in the form of donation or other, would be helpful, but not required; for example, founders like M.E.R.255 perform physical labor, away from the computer, to pay personal bills and finance the site.

Forcing payments onto users would defeat the purpose of why this site was created; to give them a place to interact, share with, and support another.

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